Monday, November 09, 2009

The Last Podcast Show

The end of the beginning...

14:35 / 13.5 MB / Rated ?


Unknown said...

Normally I'm pretty excited when a new fringe comes out... but I'm kinda scared to listen to this one.

Jens from Amsterdam

Plurgid said...

I gotta disagree, what you have been doing is working, if by "working" you mean "being pretty good".

The singing stuff? Well I'll tell you that was kinda lame and you probably lost some people with it.

Stick to telling stories, man. You're good at it, that is the core of what you're doing that people like.

Tell stories. People will listen, dude :-)

Lance Anderson said...

Jens & plurgid

I hear you both... Thanks for checking in.


Unknown said...

Just got a chance to listen to this and enjoyed hearing what's rattling aroun inside your head.
You have a really pleasant speaking voice (and I'm sort of picky about these things). It's a unique talent, so keep using it to entertain and enlighten us.

Anonymous said...
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