Wednesday, June 14, 2006

#54: Nude Party

Nude Party
Here's another story from Humboldt to make you giggle. It is about "Girls Gone Wild" and a prank that spins out of control.... The pre-ramble's focus is the Radio Experiment on Airwave Radio. But it is mostly about how Cush Rocks...

Theme Song "My Heart Sinks" by Scotland's own Hotrod Cadets off their album "Breaking Up".... Blog Art by "John in the UK"(who also Rocks!) with and assist from Archie Comics...

21:19 / 19.7 MB / Rated: PG-13 (Do not try this prank at home!)


Anonymous said...

Hey! I was excited to here you say that you'll be doing another gig at the Expo this year!

Anonymous said...

(Make that "hear")

Anonymous said...

Great episode Lance! You laughing at the memory of the party was hilarious. Glad you shared that one with us. I enjoyed this episode very much, as I do with all of'em.

The Twisted Pickle Show

Anonymous said...

Lance, I think I know where you are going with the iTunes Podcast Alley thing, It's just about a year that iTunes has built in the Podcast client and I love what they offer. Stuff like ESPN PTI and Meet the Press would never have been available for FREE download. Yeah, they ignore the indie market but look at the 2 directories as complimenting each other and heave any doodoo towards Microsoft IE for doing absolutley nothing to embace the new medium.

Beth B said...

Lance, you sound a little jealous!?? Cush may rock but YOU are the King of LA and the Pope of Podcasting.

A gag that still has you laughing almost 20 years later is a great joke. The part about the newscaster reading poetry was perfect. I love how you played dumb, but were obviously cracking up on the inside.

Regarding the radio broadcasts, I am driving home when you are broadcasting... Is there anyway to get to the 'cast afterwards?


madame philosophe said...

Hey Lance,

Cush is for those who... who... see the glass is half empty, if you know what I mean. ;)

You, on the other hand, are for the rest of us who see the whole glass, the table, the window, and the sun shining outside. You know, the sappy ones who choose to be a little more positive about things, because the alternative sucks.

Please don't change that!

You are the one that rocks so please don't compare yourself.

I only wonder if you'll be appreciated for being the team player you are. (Like maybe a little room in Cush's endeavors, maybe??) You certainly deserve it.

I, too, was caught giggling with you from your hysterical laffing!

What a prankster back then were you!

Here's to all those laffing endorphins that remove the stress of everyday living.



Beth B said...

MP, how can you say that the anti-anti-guy is for people that see things as half empty?