Wednesday, September 20, 2006

***Political World (Rant)***

Powerline Blast
I put on my tin foil hat and rant with the help of Bob Dylan... The journey into my wacky mind starts with a chilling article in the LA Times and Richard Clarke's Book. Along the way we meet my friends at KPFK, Loose Change and the FBI.... LA Podcasters promo by Larry Winfield of Sundown Lounge.

"Political World" by Bob Dylan... "Powerline Blast" shot by Marisol...

22:28 / 20.6 MB / Rated PG-13 (Mature Ideas)


Todd said...

9/11... what a tangled web that was (and is). To many variables, to many things that didn't seem right on the surface (breeding ground for conspiracy theories), and a ton of facts that will never be revealed to us mere mortals.
I'm sure we can all recall the images of the WTC towers burning and then collapsing as we stared at our TV's in shock and horror. I recall watching those images with fellow members of my Navy unit at the time, pondering how our future missions would change, and three months of 12 hour security shifts immediately afterward.
But the most vivid memory will always be the silence of the next few nights as all air traffic had been halted, the only lights in the sky were the stars.
And it was within that silence, that a bit of compassion was restored to the world.

I like to remember that silence and compassion. But more often, I end up wondering where it went.

Great show! See ya at the Expo.


Lance Anderson said...

Hey Todd

Thanks for your poetic stream of thoughts.... Do you remember the Friday after 9/11? The national candle light vigil? You are so right, it was a time of "silence and compassion."



Todd said...

I remember that Friday, but not in the same way others do. I was on a 12 hour patrol that night (and so many others after that). Marie on the other hand assisted in organizing one in San Diego at the Sports Arena.


Anonymous said...

As a conservative, my first thought when I saw you had a "political rant" coming, was "Oh no. Not you too."

But I was pleasantly surprised that you did not spew some hate-filled garbage like is all to common from both sides of the politcal spectrum.

It's good to have an opinion, and your show gives you a forum to let others know what it is.

Thanks and as always, I enjoy your casts.

Anonymous said...
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Angela said...

Hi Lance,

I was really interested when you mentioned Richard Clarke's book. I only know of him from listening to some the 9-11 Commission hearings from Audible (this was before podcasting took off, and I had to get my audio fix somehow) and talked about it in this post last year: mommy bytes: 9-11 Commission Hearings
I haven't checked out the book myself, but it does sound fascinating.

- Angela

Brad P. from NJ said...

Lance, such a measured opinion was greatly appreciated. I do think there's a lot wrong with the way things are going in this country, but I agree that there are also a bunch of things still going right. So far, my right to protest the things that aren't going well, and recommend how things would be done better, talk with others about my concerns and hopes haven't been shut down.

I have to say that I'm not confident that those currently in power, on either side of the aisle, are very interested in protecting our rights, but would rather respond to the big dangerous world out there. With elections coming up, we have a chance to exercise our rights and keep those in power interested in helping and boot those we don't see as helping.

I've done a fair share of travelling, so I can agree that we've got it pretty darned good here. That, though, isn't reason for us to sit on our laurels. We need to encourage people to make changes by setting an example of a government and a people willing to make changes ourselves. That's my two cents.