Thursday, March 08, 2007

"Swimming for Spalding" (End of Season 2)

Swimming for Spalding
"The End" of "Season 2" takes me back to the "The Beginning". A rambling tribute to my main influence Spalding Gray or as I like to call him: "The Original".... Do yourself a big favor and check out the jewel in his crown "Swimming to Cambodia."

Proudly Presented "Raw and Uncut in One Take"...

"My Heart Sinks" (Theme Song of Season 2) by The Hotrod Cadets...

33.57 / 31.2 MB / Rated: R (Adult Language and Content)...


Beth B said...

Hey Lance,

I enjoyed the ride of season two. A little bumpy in spots, but sometimes the view was amazing. Keep on taking chances.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lance,
I'm super excited about season 3. I enjoyed season 2 and I think that you rock! Keep your chin up and do YOUR thing!

(Your kinda conservative fan!)

Oh yeah, hey Beth B!

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy!

Season two - "In the can" - as they say in Hollywood.


Seems suiting to talk about Spalding as you close another season.

I have to admit. I've never heard or seen anything of his. Seems you're arguing that, in this genre, it all eventually comes back to Spalding. Amazing!

You know, Beth is a huge admirer of Spalding Gray. She told me a similar story re: seeing a performance of his post-accident and how uneven it was. She saw him several times during his greatness so, like you, she was devastated by the experience.


Brad P. from NJ said...

Awesome. I don't have quite the history with Spalding that you do, but I know of him, and I've seen excerpts here and there.

I need to add "Swimming..." to my queue.

After the discussion you had at PPME '06, I am expecting to hear you experiment, epecting to hear you try new things... and I want to hear 'em!!