Friday, April 06, 2007

King of the Boys: Chapter 3

Bruno & Lance
When I was a four, I saw the movie True Grit and instantly bought into the whole legend of the "The Duke". At the same time, The Vietnam War raged on the TV, while I sat alone in my parents' dank den, building Lego forts for my Army Men. Through it all, I was always dressed as a cowboy.... My parents solution for my isolation was to get me a St. Bernard, and that's when the trouble really started....

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Beth B said...

How long do I hafta wait for chapter 4?

Lance Anderson said...

Hey Beth

Look for Chapters 4 on Tuesday and Chapter 5 later in that same week.... I've been bogged down with LA Podcasters stuff and we went to Pismo last weekend!... Thanks for checking in.