Tuesday, April 24, 2007

King of the Boys: Chapter 4

Beth & Lance
My childhood fears and phobias were exposed by The Love Bug, Donald Duck, and Mighty Mouse. My Mom's fears surfaced, while I was riding my Big Wheel in our messy house.... Plus I'm confronted with the brutal difference between the Catholics and the Jews....

Proudly Presented "raw, uncut and in one take"... "Thanks for the Download"...

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Angela said...

Hi Lance,

I thought I would let you know that Big Wheels are back! I loved them as a kid, but never had one. I would hog the one at preschool (known in those days as nursery school). You can get them here: http://www.pedalcarsandretro.com/The_Original_Big_Wheelreg-p-175.html

I remember Sesame Street being born in 1967 and going home after my first day in first grade and turning it on to wind down. My kids don't really like it though, which is a shame.

One more comment on you and Jewish girls. For whatever reason, I always attracted Jewish guys. I thought it was because I lived in NY and somehow there is a similar culture between the Asian Americans and Jews. Married to one now even.

Good show, looking forward to more.


Lance Anderson said...

Hey Angela

Thanks for the feedback and info.... Also, I'll be taking photos for 24 hours of Flickr. We should get some great shots because we'll be up in Yosemite on Cinco de Mayo!



Anonymous said...

As always, great cast.
My kids (ages 3 and 7) both have the new Hotwheels! (But, the new Hotwheels do NOT have the awesome "brake-handle" that you could yank on to make the back "fish-tail"...)


Hey Lance...
Could you change my link to www.ncnpodcast.com? I droppped the blogspot! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Of course, in the last comment I meant to say "Big Wheels" not "Hotwheels..."