Wednesday, May 09, 2007

King of the Boys: Chapter 5 (RE-POST)

Dad Rags & Lance
I soon learn that the outside world is filled with Bullies of all shapes and ages. The "lessons" are learned by playing the game Smear the Queer, meeting the "real" Archie Bunker and being on the right end of a Pirate's Musket....

Proudly Presented "raw, uncut and in one take"... "Thanks for the Download"...

19.29 / 17.9 MB / Rated: R (Adult Themes & Violence)...

Copyright 2007 by Lance Anderson. All Rights Reserved.

RE-POST NOTE: A gremlin was in my feed!


Beth B said...

Hi Lance,

I'm not seeing Chapter 5 in my iTunes media player. You may want to investigate.

In the meanwhile, I'll pull it off of lapodcasters.


Beth B said...

Wow. Best KotB yet. My stomach was clenched in knots, listening to it.


Lance Anderson said...

Hey Beth

Thanks for the heads up. Ironically I was in the process of investigating the problem when I first saw your comment. But please always feel free to give me a warning about a possible tech issue. I really do appreciate it.

Oh yeah, and thanks for the cool feedback.... The good news is, I think as I dig deeper into the story, it will only get better (at least that is plan!)

Thanks again.



p.s. I think the repost will fix the "enclosure" issue.

Brad P. from NJ said...

Smear the queer? When we played that, we'd hand it off to the loser... and beat the shite outta him.

You and that cowboy outfit... I think we're all lucky you survived.

This one definitely hit me at a gut level, as you really seem to be digging deep emotionally for these stories.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Lance. Nice focus on what you do best--life experience storytelling. No filler, all killer! I think we are about the same age and as I don't have the vivid memories of my early years I can somewhat live vicariously through your exposition and at least experience the feeling of those years.

"Smear the Queer" brings up issues that should be ripe for you to discuss. I remember playing that as a kid and the sheer adrenaline rush mixed with the Lord-of-the-Flies vibe made it fun. However, as much of our memories contain politically incorrect titles (Remember Sambo's Restaurant?) it creates a weird feeling talking about them in this day and age.
As a kid we thought nothing of the name. I wonder if they still play Smear the Queer today?