Thursday, July 19, 2007

King of the Boys: Chapter 9

Mom & Lance B-Day
My Mom was an only child too. Growing up alone in Burbank her best friend was "Heckle & Jeckle's Mom," also my Dad's sister. When the "pre-boomers" grew-up, they were of course, competitive about their kids. My Mom was frustrated that I wasn't as "smart" as "Heckle & Jeckle," so one time she took it out on me....

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Elsie said...

fantastic Lance. great job at showing us the environment you were raised in and commenting on society, both now and then. my favorite part was just imagining these new 1st graders 'ditching' the liquor store? Loved the visual

i was not expecting the last minutes and was truly moved by your explanation. that's how I feel when people 'judge' El Salvador in the 11 yrs of war that we went through, even now.

great :)

Unknown said...

Hey Lance, I love the show, I've been listening to your show for about two years now, and I haven't ever commented. One reason I'm commenting now is your reference to baby boomers in Chap. 9. I'm not sure if you already knew this (it seemed like you didn't) but the baby boomers were babies born when American soldiers returned from the war. Since they'd been gone for such a long period of time, a lot of 'em got married and had children. The birth rate then was the highest the nation had seen in some years, hence the name 'baby boomers'.

Keep up the great work


Lance Anderson said...

Elsie & Matt

Thanks for the cool feedback.... As for the Baby Boomers, I know I wasn't very clear (the vodka didn't help), but I did know their history.... Thanks for checking-in.