Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Verge of..."

Feeling You
Recorded in my attic, a trippy little piece about my new "mixed media magazine" that I call Verge of LA (Made in Liverpool, England)... I riff on letting Vegas stay in Vegas, while I head up the coast into Classic California. Dan, Tim and Cush make brief cameos...

Proudly presented "raw, unedited and in one take"... "Endless Summer" shot by Lance in Pismo Beach, California. Summer 2007...

14:27 / 14.2 MB / Rated: R (Strong Language and Wacky Ideas)...


Anonymous said...

Hey Lance,

Good to hear from you!

Just felt like checking in and saying hi... Did you know I haven't missed a single show since you started podcasting? I can skip Dan or other podcasts but thers'e something compelling about your show, its somehow more raw and real. You're a talented storyteller. Keep it up.

Lance Anderson said...

Hey Andy

Great to hear from you too! It is a blessing to know that I am still being heard in the "Mother Country." Please know I often think fondly of you and your countrymen in this time of tension between our nations.

Your Comrade in Spirit.



Anonymous said...


I don't if you remember me, but I'm Chad from Podcastrant.com. We met a couple of years ago at PME.

I disconnected from the net for a year or so, but am slowly coming back to podcasting and loved hearing you again.

It was great to see that you're still carrying the torch, so to speak. You might have seen this already, but for people like us, it's inspiring:

Glen and Marketa's Oscar Acceptance Speech

Cheers from North Carolina!


Lance Anderson said...

Hey Chad

Yeah man I remember you. I also remember in the past you've had my back on those wacky message boards...

Good to hear from you.