Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Waiting for Cush"

Tim Cush Lance Dan
The release party for the LA issue of iProng Magazine was my last event as leader of the LA Podcasters. The evening lead me to a reflective examination of everything in between iTunes & Google to MC Hammer & The World Series of Poker... On the night I proudly passed the torch to Tim Coyne, we were joined by Klass, Jason of the OC, Charles of Insomnia Radio, Chance, Lee and Leah.... Near the end of the party, things took a darkly humorous turn when Cush appeared with Guffman, just in time for the 99 Cent raffle...

"Tim, Cush, Lance & Dan" shot by Tim Coyne...

Proudly presented "raw, unedited and in one take"...

21.5 MB / 23:16 / Rated: R (Strong Language)


Anonymous said...


Cush is so f-ing right. Guffman it is. It's the double-edge of democritization (?) of the media. Now that more of us can get in here, there's more of us in here. And we're not all the next TrueBlood or whatever...

But you know what, Lance, the shit that you 4 guys post means a lot to me. From Tim's "Fuck the Blueberries" to Dan already missing H, to Cush's Boss bday present for his wife, to the hauntingly beautiful "Magic Hand", I've laughed and cried at each of yer podcasts.

You guys help me name some of the crazy shit that I've gone thru just by listening to how you guys cope (or not...)

So it's the end of an era with the passing of the studio and LA Podcasters. Just making room for whatever's next, brother.

Thanks for hanging yerself out there, Lance. Thanks for the same to Tim, Dan and Cush, too.
We're listening...


Beth B said...

It's amazing that you four are still podcasting... and that I'm still listening after all this time.

I'm glad that you refound a little of the old magic the other night. I heard it come through in your podcast.

Great pic of the four of you, BTW.

Thanks for 'casting!

Anonymous said...

Ahh - proud to be one of fhe four horsemen of the a-pod-calypse .

- cush

iconjohn said...

That Cush is a clever dude, and glad to be back subscribing again. For the record, I got into video podcasting listening to you, Exit 50 and Adam Curry. IMHO, ESPN NPR and others killed the spirit the early podcasters, and Youtube killed the spirit of the video podcasters. Let's face it, Rocketboom, Tiki Bar, and Ask a Ninja have all leveled off.
For me, I still do it for the love of it. More of an ongoing video diary of the fun times in my life.

Anonymous said...

Lance Brotha.

So many thoughts and memories rushing through my mind after listening to this episode of your show.

Selfishly, I'm just so thankful that you've recorded the history that the four of us have lived together. Guffman certainly wasn't going to record it.

The funny thing is that Guffman still creeps up on me once in a while.

Case in point:

The other night, when I showed up with the shirts, you grabbed two of them and I told you, "Just take one for now. I want to make sure I have enough for everybody."

I left there with 30 shirts;)


ps - I'm 6'2" ;)

pps - great storytelling!!!

Unknown said...


Less a comment this time & more an experience...I was listening to this installment while working on my NaNoWriMo novel--which is titled _Deck: The Autobiography of a Pool Chair_ -- you said:
Waiting for Cush .

and David Bowie said
...move this mike up a bit...
Time take a cigarette
Puts it in your mouth

Obviously, "Rock & Roll with Me" shuffled up from Bowie at the Beeb--an amazing box set sitting at the forgotten bottom of my Library. I love it when things like that happen--the Hopi teach that Synchronicity is not to be feared--it means we are on the right path...

The timing was perfect & reminded me of how much I used to love the intro and outro music you would sing on these. Can I vote that you bring that back?

The dynamic contrast was also perfect, Bowie's back ground whisper to correct the studio coming out of our onomatopoetic thud of " And we were -- w a i t i n g for Cush . "

There was thematic resonance which is really what matters about Bowie's work--and yours...

In this installment, you mentioned watching Poker, but not what was playing on the jukebox? The Lakers unbeaten streak and not Neil Young canceling a sold out show to not cross picket lines?

You contrasted the "video people" with the "musicians".

and Bowie yells:
You are not alone
Just turn on me with me
And you are not alone.

Keep up the great work. Thanks, David S

Lance Anderson said...
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Lance Anderson said...

Mike, Beth, Cush, John, Tim & David

Thanks you all for leaving a comment on the blog. It is good to know that I am still heard by someone.

As I turn the page on the Brewery and LA Podcasters thing, look for more music (even some singing) and yes believe it or not, some video from the new space.

Thanks again for your support.