Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Robby The Raindrop (The Original)

I'm back (sort of) because I had to defend my raindrop. Details inside...

Music by Kittens For Christian from their 1996 album Building a Socialist Work Ethic...

26:25 / 24.4MB / Rated: R


Unknown said...

Good to hear from you again Lance. Things do seem to come back around.

Btw, you and I started podcasting at pretty much the exact same time. Five years ago this month.


Unknown said...

Hola, Interesting--at first I thought you were going to do some kind of Philip K. Dick type paranoia rant--likely more where I am these days, then where you are...In any event, I would like to add this to the FAQ:
If anyone wants to give me shit about it, they will get to listen to an industrial punk record.

The entire idea of "Defending the Title"--the copyright issues, the artistic integrity challenges, the boxing metaphors, etc. is all very interesting and I would love for you to develop it out a little further--reflecting back on the death of copyright, writing for living, all of that kind of mean street stuff.

Also, Some historical reflections on plagerism tying it back deeper into your past, etc.

Do you do all the voices in this piece?

Thanks, David S.