Monday, May 10, 2010

Verge of the Dude: Madonna's Sex Book

Hey Dude - Homie wanted to remind you about our bookstore days back when Madonna's Sex book came out...along with her more natural nudes.

Proudly presented raw, unedited and in one-take..."Verge of Madonna" shot (and audio recorded) with my iPhone.

2:20 / 1.3 mb / Rated: R (Mature Language, Themes and Ideas).


ross said...

dude - those pics were in penthouse - i remember when they came out - they were a bigger deal than the book - at least to me. and there was that movie she was in too she was topless - think - A Certain Sacrifice. but i love the pic of her hitch-hiking naked. if i were on a desert island and could have only one pic for eternity....thumbs up, madge.

tike mik said...

The myths and misconceptions surrounding sex offenders usually result in a stereotype of a grizzled old man hiding behind a bush and drooling over children in a park and offering a pocketful of candy (as in, "I have some candy in my pocket little girl, just reach in and grab some.")

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