Saturday, August 31, 2019

While We're Young in the Funhouse Mirror

Hey Dude, the other night I watched the movie While We're Young with Marisol and it was like looking into a mirror...a funhouse mirror...the satire cut deep down into our marrow.

CHARACTERS: Sweet Leaf, Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, Adam Driver, Amanda Seyfried, Individual 1, Adam Horovitz, Peter Yarrow

LOCATIONS: Peru, Christmas Tree Lane, Altadena Library

MOVIES/TV/MUSIC: Twin Peaks, Girls, SNL, Beastie Boys

STUFF: USMC, Doc Martens, common-law marriage

SOUNDS: motorcycle, cars, cough, echo, mic pops

GENRE: storytelling, personal narrative, personal journal

PHOTO: "Zane's Funhouse Mirror" shot on my iPhone5

RECORDED: August 30, 2019 on the observation deck at the Zane Grey Estate in Altadena, California

DISCLAIMER/WARNING: Proudly presented rough, raw and ragged. Seasoned with salty language and ideas. Not for most people's taste. Please be advised. (CHUNKY AUDIO)

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Yanks said...

Huge fan! Keep it up!