Thursday, April 23, 2020

Video (Almost) Killed the Audio Star

Hey Dude, I riff about my internal conflict between recording audio versus video. Plus I rant about bad pedestrians and Dylan's new song.

PEOPLE: Ken Dougherty, Chef Todd Payden, Walt Whitman, William Wordsworth, Bob Dylan

PLACES: Glendale, Burbank, Theatre Row

THINGS: tiny living, Ralphs, "Murder Most Foul"

SOUNDS: birds, wind, palm trees

GENRE: storytelling, personal narrative, personal journal

PHOTO: "Twin Palm Flowers" shot on my "new" iPhone6

RECORDED: April 19, 2020 in the new "Keystone Garden Studio" under the flight path of the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California

GEAR: Sony ICD PX370 digital voice recorder and Sony ECM CS3 "tie-clip" microphone.

DISCLAIMER/WARNING: Proudly presented rough, raw and ragged. Seasoned with salty language and ideas. Not for most people's taste. Please be advised.

HYPE/SWIPE: "Don't call me dude." - John Lurie

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