Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bonus Track: "We Got The Beat"

Lance and Craig
A follow-up, but much lighter cast about getting my annual birthday tattoo from the wacky Craig Jackman, owner of the American Electric Tattoo Company. As he scraped my flesh with his "four needles of death" Craig talked about a recent encounter he had with the lovely Jane Wiedlin...

"We Got The Beat" by The Go Go's... "Lance & Craig" shot by Marisol...


Proudly presented raw, unedited and in one take... "Thanks for the download"...

24:43 / 22.8 MB / Rated: R ("Mature words for mature minds")


Clinton said...

Yin/yang episodes. Nice.

Happy birthday, man.

Paula S. said...

I'm behind an episode, but wanted to wish you a happy belated!

Take care,


Still listenin' from across da pond.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!

This was a great episode.

I really enjoyed your run down of the Echo Park / Silver Lake area. "Visit this when you come to LA"--INDEED! I was at UCLA from 1988-1991 which is when I discovered the area. I did not hang out there all that often, but I had a friend Sean who was into architecture and he did a tour of the area for me one weekend which really opened my eyes to a lot of the hidden beauty of LA. Of course, I still remember when Amok Books moved in. What a great part of LA! And your description of it really captured some of the "whatever. never mind." artiness that I always associate of the area. A strange kind of run down tired hippie thing in some way. I remember listening to a lot of Pavement out there. Good times.

I am glad to hear that you have put down the vodka. I think that this is a very good move for you and your art. I am curious to see if you can go it alone--most people find the fellowship really helpful. If the urge to drink becomes to distracting you may want to call someone. But your generally attitude seems great!

"Tattoos need to be ritualistic". That is brilliant. I was stoked to hear your sensitivity to the ritual history of the experience--I would have liked to have heard your thoughts on the roll of pain in ritual. "It really hurts in a serious way". I get that.

What I did not get enough of was the subtext of your girlfriends "edginess" during the "blue" conversation. I often put my wife in situations where she is less then comfortable. She really does not CARE if Jesus and Mary Chain get back together, regardless of what I say--but she loves me so she will go; but, I could really sense your anxiety over her attitude when she stepped up to take the picture.

It felt somehow strangely like some kind of Andy Warhol moment--very cool. I likely heard a lot more then you said when you spoke of her--maybe me thinking that the Go-Go's (for all their later silliness) really were a fantastic Hip LA girl group & you were really doing a guy thing and your SO was all uncomfortable--there is something very powerful in all this.

And all this was very much not the point of your tattoo/birthday story. But it is the memory that I will be taking with me!

Keep up the great work.

Thanks, David S